A user-friendly privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics

Intuitive, lightweight web analytics solution that operates without the use of cookies and adheres to full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR regulations. Void Analytics is developed and hosted within the European Union 🇪🇺

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Why Void Analytics is better Google Analytics alternative?

Privacy Concerns
At Void Analytics, privacy is paramount. We anonymize data collection, ensuring compliance with strict privacy regulations like GDPR, prioritizing user anonymity and data protection.
Say goodbye to complexity. Our user-friendly interface simplifies tracking and analysis, making it accessible to all users, regardless of technical expertise.
Unlike Google Analytics, which may sample data for larger datasets, Void Analytics offers comprehensive data analysis without sampling. This ensures accuracy and reliability, even for high-traffic websites.

Track named events with custom properties

Void Analytics provides a simple and efficient way to track events on your website. By adding a small snippet of JavaScript to your HTML code, you can start capturing events and analyzing user interactions. The implementation is very similar to Google Tag Manager (GTM) and utilizes a

method akin to
in GTM.

Void Analytics events dashboard

There's no requirement for cookie banners or GDPR consent

Void Analytics offers privacy-centric analytics. Site measurement is conducted entirely in an anonymous manner, with no use of cookies or collection of personal data. There are no persistent identifiers or any tracking across different sites or devices. Your site's data is not utilized for any other purposes. All visitor data is exclusively handled on servers operating in EU, ensuring it remains within the EU at all times.


Simplifies web analytics for quick insights.

Void Analytics provides straightforward analytics. It offers a user-friendly experience, delivering clear insights without unnecessary complexity. Review your website's traffic and access all crucial information on a single page in just a minute. No need to navigate through multiple menus or create custom reports, dashboards, or PowerPoint presentations.


Monitor goal achievements, income, and marketing initiatives

Easily categorize your audience based on any metric you select. Address essential inquiries about your website visitors, content performance, and referral sources. Evaluate paid campaigns by leveraging UTM parameters. Keep tabs on e-commerce earnings, outbound link clicks, file downloads, and 404 error pages. Establish personalized events with customized parameters to monitor conversions and attribution. Enhance conversions through funnel analysis.

Void Analytics funnel chart

Keep an eye on your website's performance

Research indicates that the duration visitors spend on your website is closely linked to its overall health. You can promptly access performance metrics through your dashboard and identify any performance bottlenecks. Void Analytics offers performance scores and provides recommendations to enhance the user experience.

Void Analytics WebVitals chart

Merge effortlessly with your current tools and tech stack

Void Analytics seamlessly integrates with any CMS, framework, or technology you're already using, from WordPress to Next.JS, Vue.JS, and beyond. Our simple embed process ensures compatibility with any platform, even if a specific plugin or integration isn't listed.

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