Which kinds of hits does Google Analytics track?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing website traffic. It uses a system of hits to gather data on user interactions with your site. Here are the different types of hits that Google Analytics can track:

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  1. Pageviews: This is the most common type of hit and is generated each time a user views a page on your website.

  2. Events: Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked separately from pageviews. This includes actions such as clicking on a button, downloading a file, or watching a video.

  3. Ecommerce: If you have an online store, Google Analytics can track ecommerce transactions, including product views, add to cart actions, and purchases.

  4. Social interactions: Google Analytics can track interactions with social buttons on your website, such as likes, shares, and follows.

  5. User timings: This type of hit tracks how long it takes for specific elements on your website to load, such as images or videos.

  6. Custom dimensions and metrics: You can also track custom data using Google Analytics, such as user demographics, behavior, or preferences.

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